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With 1st Cheque, enjoy direct access to a pre-qualified startup roster, with a diverse set of ventures to choose from. Engage with an investment buddy looking out for your best interests. Partner with us as we deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) within 45 days. Favsense helps you stay enlightened with monthly insights on your investments.

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Pre-qualified startup roster

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Risk measurement tools

To help you decide your funding path.


favsense monthly Insights

The updates of your investment, in the palm of your hands.


Favcy's security net

Promises you a risk-free investment in case of a startup collapse.

MVP promise

Favcy’s 45-day MVP Promise

Delivering a Minimal Viable Product to our invested startup in 45-days.

1st Cheque Pricing Details

Membership is restricted and invite only

  • Access to 50 pre-qualified startups annually
  • Risk screening tools
  • Legal & Compliance handling on your behalf
  • Investment buddy that communicates with you regularly
  • 1st Cheque privilege kit
  • Favsense monthly insights of your invested startup

Frequently Asked Questions:

Welcome to Tech Democracy for First Cheque Investors.

Queries on 1st Cheque - About us

1st cheque is one of its kind investment platform, which gives you the option of Equity investment, Debt investment or investment on a Rev-Share model. There is no investment cost levied to the members of the 1st cheque. The risk is also mitigated - as startups go through a selection and evaluation round.

What are investment charges?

Apart form the 1st cheque membership, which is charged at INR 5,000 a month, there will be no investment charges. This is for the year 2019-20 and is applicable only for the initial set of members. Apart from this minimal platform charge, we do not intend to levy a carry charge either.

Why are there no annual & carry charges?

Favcy is a tech platform that provides ready to assemble digital applications. We are not a fund and therefore do not act like a fund or intend to be a fund

Queries on 1st cheque - Risk factor

What are your risk measurement tools?

Once you are on boarded for 1st cheque, our investment manager will suggest a debt, equity or a rev-share investment. We also provide you a start-up idea valuation tool that you can utilize on your own while evaluating other start-ups.

How are you mitigating risk?

FavcyX mitigates risk by onboarding the start-up after a very careful evaluation process which includes
1. A DREK exercise (Differentiation, Relevance, Experience and Knowledge) - DREK helps all the ecosystem members to evaluate the idea across entities and you relevance and a differentiation scale. It’s a proprietary software which is carefully developed and scans the idea across other 5000 odd competitive start-ups
2. LTV And CAC Model- Life time Value to the cost of acquisition of customer is our preferred business model exercise, which we undertake with the stage 2 qualified start-ups. Post this we are in a position to ascertain whether the business model will be profitable. Once we get a positive sign on, for these two models, we offer shortlisted start-ups to the 1st cheque investors for investment.

Queries on 1st Cheque - Investment options

Who all can be 1st Cheque investors?

Anyone who wants to profit and give back to the start-up ecosystem could be a great 1st cheque investor. We have a few different investment tracks—
A. If you have an idea and want to invest only in your idea, you can become a creator with us. Please visit the creator section on FacvyX
B. If you have funds, you can also utilize the first cheque platform to evaluate investments into pre-qualified start-ups that the Favcy X team provides you. The investments can be in the form of Equity, Debt or Rev-share.

What if I have an idea and what to invest?

As answered earlier, you might want to read the FAQ section and want to visit FavcyX

What is the miminum requirement for investment?

We expect you to write you 1st cheque in the range of 9-15 Lacs. Although, our assumption is that if you like the start-up, you might also want to participate in the second round which is typically co-investing with another angel.

What kind of returns I can expect from 1st cheque ?

For 1st cheque investors, we have created three tracks.
1. If you want to do a debt investment, our start-ups can give you an interest of anywhere between 15-18%
2. If you go for Revenue-share, after a moratorium period of anywhere between 9-10 months (that’s when start-ups can start making revenues) you can expect a 1.7x multiplier on the initial investment
3. Equity investment. 1st cheque investors can expect a 3.7x multiplier on their 1st cheque investment as and when the first round of valuation is undertaken for the start-up.

Can you explain this with an example?

Yes. For example if you are investing INR 9Lacs, in the first cheque, you can expect the following in each of the investments.
1. Debt Investment: 9Lacs + 15-18% pa Accrued to you as interest.
2. Revenue Share: 9x1.7 which is 15.3 Lacs coming back to you via rev-share. We expect start-ups to give you about 20% of their revenue till the time your revenue share is met.
3. Equity Investment: If you have invested 9lacs, whenever the first round of equity valuation takes place, your 9 Lacs will be valued at 33.3 Lacs.

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